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We test the programs and technology that push health and human performance to the next level. From athlete training programs to sleep and recovery programs, from cutting edge wearable technology to hand-held devices, Exos’ Human Performance Lab ensures that real people lead the innovation in the field. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a busy professional, or someone who appreciates a slow pace, you can help inform the future of human performance.


We’re looking for partners of all ages and abilities to expand our understanding of health and performance.

When you join a study, you get the chance to test and learn about the latest in health and fitness products and programs over a two-week to 12-month period. You may also receive a cash incentive for your participation. 

Studies take place in different locations throughout the year. Some studies include the chance to train at Exos Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Sign up to participate in the Human Performance Lab and we’ll let you know when an opportunity is coming to your area.  All fitness levels are needed and welcome.


A Closer Look: Fitness Study

Exos Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ

Be part of the team that digs deeper into the health benefits of walking and drives the innovation of new walking technology. 

Join the Lab and we’ll reach out with more information soon.

Exos Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ
Coming Soon

Changing the Game: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Remote study (US only)

One of the biggest trends at the cutting edge of wellness and performance is the use of a continuous glucose monitor to personalize wellness programs. We completed a pilot study now and are preparing to launch a larger study nationwide in early 2023.

Join the Lab and we’ll reach out with more information soon.

Remote study (US only)


Human Performance Lab participants help push the performance industry forward and ultimately, impact all of our lives.
As some of the first people to test and use brand new technology, they provide meaningful data ensuring that innovation serves and suits real people.
Athlete Assessment
The Human Performance Lab helped a leading consumer brand understand how anthropometric and athletic assessments play into product design and athlete engagement.
COVID New Norm Study
Lab participants helped track changes in behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using multiple wearable devices, they engaged in three months of coaching and tracked their fitness activities and sleep habits.
Thermal Management for Better Sleep
In this study, participants tested the effectiveness of advanced sleep environment aids including wearable and under-mattress sensors.
Activity Recognition Study
Lab participants validated a unique algorithm that automatically detects pauses in workouts. This helps people make the most out of their workouts without the physical effects that come with starting and stopping.
The Exos Human Performance Lab is committed to ensuring that real people are the force behind innovation in the field. New studies are developed throughout the year as we test new technology. Join the Lab to find out about upcoming studies, events, products, and more.