Military Performance Training
Over the last decade, our team has been privileged to work with thousands of military operators and support personnel.

One-of-a-kind training to extend your career

Train to perform in any environment.
We provide service members with specialized training and support for peak performance and recovery. Our focus on education empowers all participants to apply what they learn at home and in the field.
Accelerated Return to Duty
When tactical athletes get injured, their knowledge, skills, and expertise aren’t being used in the field. Our Accelerated Return to Duty program provides an intensive healing environment, allowing participants to focus on getting better and getting back to action quickly.
Tactical staffing and Department of Defense
We leverage our network of Department of Defense partners to embed the most competent, qualified, and experienced human performance staff within units. Exos provides access to leading experts in performance training, physical therapy and performance rehabilitation, nutrition, cognitive performance training, equipment solutions, and more.
Custom tactical solutions
Procuring the best proven methodology to deliver elite human performance optimization and resiliency programs requires collaboration with our tactical performance leadership team. We help clients develop and deploy the most effective solutions based on the particular considerations of their specific needs.
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