NBA and WNBA Training Programs
Our combine, pre-draft, and offseason training prepares you to dominate every inch of the court.

Unlock your full potential

NBA and WNBA pre-draft and combine

Now’s the time to get faster, stronger, and quicker while reducing the risk of injury. Short-term goal? Improve your draft status. Long-term goal? Prepare you to contribute to those W’s every single night.

Offseason training is designed to help you recover from the previous NBA or WNBA season and return the next season at your best, with a solid training plan, dialed in nutrition, improved agility, fresh legs, and explosive power.

Sustain a productive career

Every player gets the attention they need
At Exos your nutrition, physical therapy, and recovery is personalized, your progress is tracked, and your training is cutting edge. That’s our commitment to you.
Performance evaluation
Based on your performance screening, our team will craft a plan to help you build power, maximize performance, and improve agility overall.
Performance training
Our specialists employ a holistic approach. That means listening and addressing areas of concern before developing strength and speed.
Performance nutrition
Registered dietitians can help you hit your body composition goals. Services include meal prep, nutrition, hydration, and supplementation.
Physical therapy
Our team of therapists deliver the one-on-one attention you need to recover quickly and get back to 100% in the shortest possible time.
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