Proactive health and fitness programs create new business opportunities while helping people avoid costly medical expenses down the road.

Create ancillary revenue.
Whether for a health system trying to attract more healthy patients or a physical therapy clinic trying to expand how it serves local athletes and active adults, a sports performance center creates new revenue opportunities. It enables you to engage new populations from sick to injured to healthy.

Pass off the administrative work.
From sourcing equipment to staffing the facility, we’ll collaborate with your team to create and operate a facility that benefits your members and earns you more referrals. Once it’s up and running, we’ll take care of the daily operations, managing memberships, sales, marketing, and more.

Improve patient outcomes.
Our approach to training and nutrition has been put to the test with everyone from military members looking to accelerate their return to duty to hospital employees who want more energy to seniors suffering from back pain. We produce results they can feel and you can measure.

Stand out in your community.
By partnering with EXOS you receive the know-how our staff has gained through years of experience, which can help you tap into new and diverse audiences who are looking for a supportive place to improve their health. Our movement training, nutrition programs, and digital health technologies can improve their results and your financial outcomes.


EXOS has supported hundreds of club teams and individual youth and high school athletes as well as numerous health care providers.

See how we can design a performance center that works for your organization.


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