Through a personalized approach to rehabilitation, our physical therapists provide effective and efficient paths toward recovery.

Our physical therapists bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance, employing a progressive approach to treatment. In collaboration with performance specialists and dietitians, they focus on helping the person as a whole recover from injury or surgery in the most efficient and effective manner. As part of our personal approach to recovery and rehabilitation, each person meets individually with the same board-certified physical therapist throughout their journey toward recovery. They receive personalized, one-on-one consultations to create and execute a plan that best supports their needs.

Depending on your needs, our physical therapists can provide return-to-sport rehabilitation, prevention, and occupational and orthopedic therapies. Like our specialists and dietitians, our physical therapists work in collaboration with our network of researchers, industry professionals, and partners. They can be stationed at your worksite or brought in virtually at designated times to provide education and consultation.

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