Progress clients beyond rehabilitation and foundational training to develop performance qualities across movement skills, strength and power, and energy systems development.

As the third and final course of the Performance Therapy Mentorship, this two-day experience introduces capacity through an integrated recommendation of multijoint, multiplanar, proprioceptively enriched movements at various loads, speeds, and complexity.

We’ll focus on capacity through the lens of the global movement themes and the EXOS training system — mainly how to safely increase and manipulate capacity to help clients achieve results. 

Building on what you learned in the first two courses, we’ll transition to capacity. We’ll showcase a pathway to progressively increase relative intensity across EXOS training system components (specifically movement skills, strength and power, and energy systems development). The goal is to help clients further develop relevant performance qualities in order to prepare them to reintegrate back into sport or life.

Course features: 

  • Review EXOS movement-based therapy methodology, the EXOS training system, and key concepts on transitioning clients from rehabilitation to performance training
  • How to integrate movement-based physical therapy heuristics into movement skills, strength and power, and energy systems development training sessions
  • Application of advanced clinical reasoning as we leverage findings from the EXOS pillar prerequisite assessment, optimize the global movement themes, and transition through the EXOS training system components of movement skills, strength and power, and energy systems development to gain force-velocity exposure


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