When space is limited, the EXOS Performance Kiosk is a convenient place for people to recharge body and mind.

Research shows even five-minute workouts can have a noticeable, positive effect on performance. But providing the space and equipment people need is a challenge for crowded offices and fitness facilities.

The EXOS Performance Kiosk is designed to make just about any space more action packed. The system’s compact mobile design adapts easily to different environments.

Touch screens provide dozens of efficient exercises, and the simple collection of equipment conveniently stows away. Users tailor their experience to their goals and how much time they have and then follow recommended moves on the screen.

In office settings, the EXOS Performance Kiosk helps employees ease pain, improve posture, and boost energy throughout the day. Fitness centers use the kiosk to provide another place for members to grab a light workout or stretch, all in one spot.


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