PHOENIX, Jan. 15, 2018 -- EXOS, a leader in human performance, has named Onnit, a leader in nutrition and unconventional fitness, as its official performance nutrition partner. The partnership brings together two innovative companies focused on helping others optimize their daily performance.

“Our mission at EXOS is to understand the needs and goals of our clients, and then provide solutions to help them improve their lives,” said Mark Verstegen, president and founder of EXOS. “Partnering with Onnit allows us to further upgrade our nutrition protocols as part of our integrated solutions that support the needs of our clients.”

As part of the partnership, EXOS will integrate products from Onnit’s nutrition and supplement line, such as Shroom TECH Sport, and newly co-developed products, like Onnit Mineral Electrolytes, into nutrition protocols for athletes and clients at its elite training facilities. One of the first groups to benefit from the product integration will be the 100-plus athletes preparing for the 2018 NFL draft as part of EXOS’ industry-leading NFL combine and pro day preparation program.

“We’ve only just begun to imagine the extent of this partnership, and I’m really excited to explore what we’re capable of doing together,” said Aubrey Marcus, founder and CEO of Onnit. “Being able to tap into EXOS’ expertise and network of specialists and marry their insights with our innovative product development will allow us to continue bringing new products to market that help our respective clients and anyone looking to optimize their performance.”

In addition to supplement product integration across EXOS’ various populations, including professional, college, and youth athletes, teams, active adults, corporate wellness clients, and U.S. military operators, EXOS and Onnit will create new products and conduct product research. An EXOS performance dietitian based at Onnit’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, will work with the Onnit team to identify nutrition and supplement gaps in the marketplace, and develop new products and formulas to support the needs of athletes and active adults.

“The world of nutrition is always changing, and EXOS is always looking for the best nutritional strategy, the newest research, and the products that can help support our clients,” said Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at EXOS. “Onnit meets our needs in all of those areas while providing the opportunity to integrate our teams to innovate new nutrition and supplement products together.”