Our Olympic training, physical therapy, education, and sports science services can be customized to optimize performance for any sport.

Our Olympic sports performance training services evaluate athletes to determine their current physical abilities and weaknesses and to provide short- and long-term solutions to help them meet their goals in the months and years leading up to the games. These solutions may include one-on-one athlete consultations, new programs, and injury-management strategies.

We can also host sports training camps to meet your needs. Camps may include speed-focused training, testing and evaluations, training away from fans, and pre- and post-competition training. They may also offer locations for recovery, for playing preseason friendlies, and for making selections of starting players.

If an individual athlete is in need of extra attention, send him or her to one of our facilities for a week or more of individual training tailored to his or her needs.

Physical therapy evaluations, intervention, and treatment are available. We can also provide nutrition services including organization-wide education and food-service consultations.

Not seeing what your organization needs? We can provide custom solutions, such as building integrated performance systems and providing specialists, to meet any organization’s needs.


The Chinese Olympic Committee worked with us for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

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