EXOS can help you design a medical fitness center that engages more healthy individuals, not just the sick or injured, so you can create new sources of revenue and improve quality of care.

Enhance current offerings within your community.
By creating proactive health opportunities, you can earn trust from those in your community and make them more likely to turn to you for their medical needs if they arise. With over 400 sites worldwide and 25 health care partners, EXOS can help you create a facility that motivates people to move. And we can incorporate physical therapy, nutrition programs, our digital health technology, and more.

Complement your sports medicine and orthopedic practice.
A medical fitness center gives your patients a trusted place to continue healing after surgery where you can keep a close eye on their progress. Once healed, they can continue using the facility to stay active and learn to move more efficiently.

Pass off administrative headaches.
During the initial facility design, we’ll hire staff members and source equipment. In addition to getting your facility off the ground, we’ll manage the day-to-day operations, relieving your team of administrative tasks.


In addition to medical fitness centers, EXOS offers in-person and digital solutions that will help you become your community’s go-to resource for wellness.

See how we can design a performance center that works for your organization.


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