Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is at the top of our minds, and we’re staying up to date on the latest developments. We’ll be sharing updates for current EXOS clients here.

EXOS has a responsibility to extend our support to our members and non-member client employees working from home. In addition to our response plan, fitness center cleaning guidelines, and other materials we’ve shared, we’re putting together content and communications to support our members and other non-member employees who have been asked to or are choosing to work at home at this time.

As we continue to navigate through these circumstances, we want to offer our appreciation for your continued support of EXOS and our team members, and affording us the ability to impact members’ and non-member employees’ health and well-being while at home. EXOS team members dedicated to your account realize how critical it is to provide ongoing personalized support during this time of change.

We look forward to deploying virtual support not only to existing members but also to your broader population where possible. Effective immediately the EXOS team will be sharing a phased approach to immediate, short-term, and long-term solutions for remote populations.

We’re thankful to be your trusted source and will continue to share materials that support your organization’s health and performance while at home. Feel free to reach out to your EXOS contact with questions or to discuss the keys to success while working from a home office.

EXOS site closures

The following facilities will remain closed until further notice. We’ll provide updates on opening dates as we receive more long-term recommendations from health experts and local governing agencies.