Phase 2 builds on the lessons in phase 1 while further exploring how to safely and effectively increase work capacity and reduce the risk of injury.

This three-day phase reviews the fundamental training model introduced in phase 1. You’ll learn how to design strength training programs, the science behind Energy Systems Development and plyometrics, and how to reduce the risk of injury on the fireground. These lessons will be applied during participant-led training sessions. Explore our course schedule and outline which covers the below topics.

Topics include:

  • Advanced strength programming for firefighters
  • Advanced Energy Systems Development for firefighters
  • Plyometrics for performance and injury prevention
  • Performance testing protocols

What you’ll receive:

  • EXOS apparel and other cool stuff
  • Exclusive discounts from EXOS partners
  • CEU credits: ACE (2.1), ACSM (24)


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this course is ceu accredited

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