Find out how the fastest and strongest players, including collegiate, pro, and Olympic athletes, improve their linear speed to excel.

Just a split second can make the difference between the game-winning point and a season-ending defeat, millions of dollars gained or lost, a high draft pick or a late selection. This course shares time-tested drills, methodology, and application of elite linear-speed development that have helped some of the world’s top athletes run a faster 40-yard dash.

Course features:

  • Drills and progressions to improve 40-yard dash times
  • Tips for developing starts, acceleration, and absolute speed
  • Strategies for teaching linear-speed development, error-correction coaching, and mindset
  • CEU credits: NSCA (.4), ACSM (4)

Course highlights:
more than 50 drills and progressions, proven game plans for teaching linear speed

this course is ceu accredited

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