Discover performance training techniques and movements for the water that can make a splash in your coaching game.

Created in collaboration with Speedo USA, this course will help you design a successful water training experience whether you coach swimmers, other athletes, or the general population. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of the five benefits to training in water and how you can incorporate proper movement strategies to deliver an impactful session.

Course features:

  • The art of coaching in the pool and training techniques for the water

  • Strategies you can use with different populations based on their unique performance needs

  • Safety tips for training sessions in the pool

  • EXOS methodology and how it applies to the water setting

  • Exclusive discount on Speedo gear and apparel
  • CEU credits: ACSM (5), NASM (.7), NSCA (.8)

*This course is only available for purchase in North America and the Caribbean.


Course highlights:
water training strategies, the Speedo Fit experience, and EXOS methodology applied to the water setting

this course is ceu accredited

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