Learn how to optimize the connection between the brain and the body to help your clients tap into their best performance.

With a clearer understanding of the mind-body connection, your clients can perform their best. In this course, neuropsychologist Dr. Roy Sugarman explains brain biology, unveils his method for better managing the nonconscious brain, and shares techniques to make the mind work for the body, not against it.

Course features:

  • Discovery of the pathway from nonconscious to conscious, and how to put it to good use
  • Behavioral change strategies, including heart rate variability training, gratitude rituals, and reflective listening
  • How to improve across Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery
  • CEU credits: NSCA (.4), ACSM (4)

Course highlights:
optimizing the mind-body connection, facilitating change within athletes

this course is ceu accredited

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