PHOENIX, May 28, 2020 -- EXOS, a leader in human performance, today announces its global partnership with Hyperice, a recovery and performance technology brand that specializes in vibration, compression, and percussion devices.

This collaboration will bring Hyperice’s recovery methods, products, and additional health and fitness technology based offerings to EXOS’ workplace, physical therapy, and sports performance clients worldwide.

Earlier this year EXOS launched to offer livestream and on-demand wellness and recovery classes, and digital coaching for people who are working from home. The digital coaching program implements a 12-week plan for users to connect virtually with an EXOS coach for tailored workout and recovery regimens. In addition to using Hyperice products and recovery methods as part of the livestream, on-demand, and digital coach offerings, Hyperice will also be incorporated into EXOS facilities once individuals return back to work.

“Hyperice and EXOS both share a similar vision for the workplace wellness space – to optimize health and performance for individuals at work and at home.” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “This partnership with EXOS delivers both the technology and know-how to help people move better and live better worldwide.”

For more than 20 years, EXOS has been using its methodology to develop and deliver training, education, and programming to corporations, health clubs, sports organizations, health systems, and more. At the core of EXOS’ wellness approach is their belief that improving mobility, stability, and tissue quality are the keys to unlocking performance potential, decreasing pain, and improving quality of life. Clients range from elite professional athletes who use EXOS’ methodology to improve their performance, to Fortune 100 companies that implement EXOS’ techniques to offer competitive benefits that take a modern approach to wellness.

“EXOS is committed to partnering with organizations such as Hyperice who are pioneering solutions that support human performance,” says Mark Verstegen, founder and President of EXOS. “Through partnerships such as this, we’re able to play our role in continuing to help evolve the industry while empowering all those looking to improve their health and performance with best-in-class tools and products.”