This 10.5-hour course provides you with the tools you need to help general-fitness clients see results.

Learn strategies to help your clients upgrade their behaviors, and master the coach-to-client relationship. You’ll also cover the EXOS training system, including Pillar Preparation, Movement Preparation, Strength, Power, Energy Systems Development, and Regeneration.

Course features:

  • Establishing goals and processes for habit formation
  • Understanding personality, communication, and learning preferences in clients
  • Communication via emotional intelligence
  • Improving performance through nutrition
  • Putting it all together with group instruction and individual instruction case studies
  • Coaching 101 for effective interactions with clients
  • CEU credits: ACE (1), ACSM (10.5), PTAG (12)

Course highlights:
16 evidence-based presentations, 4 practical sessions, EXOS fitness specialist credentials

this course is ceu accredited

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