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Wherever your team members are on their journey, we meet them there — physically and mentally — so they can move confidently toward where they want to be.
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Hybrid employee wellness that works wherever they are.

Why it works

Leveraging data-driven insights, coaches guide members toward their short-and long-term goals
Shared experiences that help members feel more connected to each other and your company
Holistic Programming
The library of on-demand videos span mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery, providing some tips in as little as two minutes.
“When an offer recently came in from another company, one of the things I weighed into my decision was the fact that these Exos opportunities are currently baked into our benefits.”
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Find out how Exos can empower your team — in person, remotely, or both.

And for a limited time*, you may be eligible to receive a complimentary virtual Exos Recharge Break for your work team with an Exos coach.

*Following submission of your contact information, an Exos sales representative may contact you to discuss your interest in Exos and determine if you are eligible for the free virtual Recharge Break.

If you are eligible, the Exos sales representative will organize your free one-time virtual Recharge Break for your company.

Your acceptance and participation in the free virtual Recharge Break is subject to Exos Terms of Use.

We determine eligibility in our sole discretion, and may use contact information to determine offer eligibility. We reserve the right to revoke any offer if we determine you are not or were not eligible for an offer. We also reserve the right to, in our sole discretion, modify or terminate this promotional offer at any time, without notice.