PHOENIX, March 21, 2016 -- We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Precor that will bring EXOS Energy Systems Development Technology to Precor equipment via Preva, the largest fitness cloud in the world. Preva has more than 200 million recorded workouts from cardio equipment in more than 100 countries.

EXOS ESD Technology evaluates a user’s state of fitness to build personalized interval programming to improve the body’s ability to generate and use energy. The EXOS ESD Technology includes time-efficient cardio workouts and data tracking — all from a touch-screen interface available on Preva-enabled Precor equipment.

“At EXOS, we’ve found that 82 percent of people prefer EXOS ESD Technology to traditional cardio workouts,” said John Golden, EXOS president of product. “We’re excited about this partnership because Precor, which has the world’s largest in-gym fitness network, will help bring our cardio technology to people who are looking to achieve their fitness goals.”

EXOS programming adds value to a personal trainer’s services and an operator’s business. When trainers can spend more time on the gym floor with their clients instead of behind a computer creating programming for clients, they can build the client-trainer relationship that ultimately drives member attraction and retention.

“EXOS’ prescriptive workouts have the most sophisticated evaluation and monitoring mechanisms of any on the market,” said Jeff Bartee, Precor principal product manager for networked fitness. “Adding EXOS ESD Technology to Precor equipment will give operators and exercisers a powerful tool to help reach their fitness and business goals. Making EXOS ESD Technology available to our worldwide install base of networked P80 consoles is another way Precor delivers ongoing value to operators.”

New EXOS programming and updates will be initially deployed via the Preva network to existing EXOS corporate customers beginning in Q3 2016.