SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2020 — In the midst of school closures across the country, high school and college athletes found their seasons abruptly ended, championships canceled, and teams essentially disbanded.

For students relying on their athletic skills to help them earn scholarships to deal with the rising costs of tuition, taking time off of their training isn’t an option. That’s why BridgeAthletic and EXOS are working together to help student athletes adjust to the sudden shift with BridgeRemote for school coaches.

This new product allows high school and collegiate coaches to design, deliver, and follow up on training with digital tools to help student athletes continue their training while staying safe and healthy. BridgeAthletic is in a unique position to provide this product because of their current model that’s already been digitally connecting coaches with their clients for eight years.

“Our company culture is centered around excellence in service, and our DNA is in sport,” says Michael Sharf, co-founder and CEO of BridgeAthletic. “Stepping up to serve our communities of coaches, and their athletes, has never been more core to our mission. We’ve sprinted to heed the calling for affordable solutions to the remote training need.”

EXOS, a leader in the field of human performance, has partnered with BridgeAthletic in the past to build training plans and modules that coaches can customize for their client’s individual needs, all while building on the methodology that EXOS has perfected through years of working with world champions, over 900 NFL draft picks, MVPs, Hall of Famers, Olympic medalists, and more.

“EXOS has always been committed to supporting young athletes and helping our clients achieve their goals and fuel their passions,” says Mark Verstegen, president and founder of EXOS. “We’re honored to be able to help BridgeAthletic launch this product during this time of crisis and support student athletes so they can maintain a sense of normalcy and come through this difficult time stronger than ever.”

For this new product, EXOS performance specialists have built a series of workouts that coaches can deliver to athletes in their homes, all of which focus on using bodyweight or minimal equipment.

BridgeRemote will be available free of charge for school coaches through the end of June, and at discounted rates for educational institutions after that. Check out the program and sign up for your free trial.