Black lives matter, and remaining silent about systemic racism and its adverse effects on the lives of people of color isn’t an option.

EXOS owes so much of its success to the hard work and partnership of Black athletes, coaches, and team members. And we believe that teams, companies, and individuals can only reach their full potential when there’s diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We hold these beliefs because we know they’re true. And we know we have a lot to do to make these a reality for our underrepresented team members and the greater community. And we’re taking steps to change that.

Below we’ve outlined our commitments, and the actions we’re taking to increase and celebrate diversity within our walls and create a culture of inclusion.

Our commitments

We’re making the following commitments to support our belief in diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Diverse workforce

Recruit and retain high-potential, underrepresented talent across the business. We aim to meaningfully improve the representation of diverse leaders in our management and organization as a whole. EXOS strives to create an inclusive work environment for veterans and all races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, ages, abilities, and body sizes.

Inclusive work environment

Build an inclusive and connected community of team members who feel safe, feel a sense of belonging, and are proud to work at EXOS.

Equitable opportunities to grow and lead within EXOS

Develop clear career pathways and access to professional development to grow our talent from within.

Equal access and community outreach

Improve access to EXOS’ programs and cultivate a workforce committed to community outreach.

Our actions

We’re taking several steps to support our commitments. Our actions include, but aren’t limited to:

Diverse workforce

Equitable hiring – Removing bias and ensuring fair and equitable hiring across the company by educating our leaders on biased hiring practices, increasing the representation of diverse hiring managers, and establishing partnerships with minority-serving institutions.

Score carding – Engaging experts to help us structure and resource our company’s long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
Inclusive work environment

Employee resource groups – Elevating voices of underrepresented communities, creating employee resource groups, and establishing a diversity council to help guide our work.

Courageous Conversations – Launching Courageous Conversations workshops at EXOS to encourage reflection, awareness, and conversation.

Employee experience – Administering annual team member satisfaction surveys to maintain a pulse on our culture and take action to improve the employee experience.

Equitable opportunities to grow and lead within EXOS

Internal advancement – Increasing communication and prioritizing opportunities for our internal staff to move laterally and upward.

Mentorship – Creating a mentorship program to provide exposure and development for up-and-coming talent underrepresented in management.

Coaching curriculum – Upgrading our EXOS coaching methodology and research to include anti-racism and implicit bias curriculum.

Equal access and community outreach

Community outreach – Engaging in community outreach to support under-resourced communities and provide access to performance education.

Internship program – Expanding outreach and talent pool for EXOS’ internship program, improving candidate experience and employment opportunities post-graduation.

These commitments are just the start. We look forward to sharing our organization’s progress as we take this important and necessary journey of doing better and being better.

Our progress

Parental leave expansion

EXOS is proud to announce an enhanced parental leave benefit for benefits-eligible team members to better support those who have become new parents (through birth, adoption, or placement).

New and dedicated team

In addition to hiring a dedicated program manager to lead our diversity, equity, and inclusion work, we’ve also hired a head of talent acquisition and a recruiting specialist. They’re responsible for candidate / talent outreach, selection, and hiring programs throughout EXOS as well as enhancing our internal and diverse hiring process, driving toward our commitment to developing a more diverse workforce.