With a few exceptions, doctors aren’t generally encouraging people to come in and make sure they’re healthy. That means the majority of residents in the community rarely encounter hospitals.

But the forward-thinking health care system or network wants to engage patients in a proactive way. That’s where hospital-based fitness centers come in.

It’s an engagement tool for community outreach with the goal of keeping more people healthy, helping to complete the continuum of care and redefining what health care means. This guide shows you how to create a facility that goes beyond the “box” gym and engages the community.

Topics in this guide include:

  • Clarifying your vision for integrating clinical and performance services
  • How to design your medical fitness center
  • 3 keys to staff up your fitness center
  • A marketing plan for integrated health and performance
  • The importance of broadening your definition of performance
  • Community outreach ideas
  • How to attract more clients with prehab

the integrated health care guide