the challenge

The Navy sought to evolve its conventional training methods to improve sailors’ movement quality, physical readiness, and body composition.

The Story

Sailors do only a few exercises during their physical fitness test. This limited movement training can lead to overuse injuries and plateaus, and leave sailors physically unprepared during essential duties — even if they can pass the fitness test.

The Navy needed better methodology to improve sailors’ health and performance while adapting for varying operational platforms, space limits, equipment availability, and time. To ensure new programing accomplished these goals better than conventional training, Indiana University ran a 12-week study after the program was rolled out.

Did You

New training methods helped sailors decrease waist circumference by 2.4 percent, while that of the conventionally trained sailors increased.

the solution

The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System is a well-rounded program that emphasizes overall physical readiness, not just how many pushups sailors can do.

EXOS brought together nutrition and movement to create the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System. This progressive training program helps sailors worldwide improve performance while reducing injury risk by building pillar strength, improving movement quality and nutrition, and developing functional strength.

“Our nation's sailors serve in some of the most challenging environments imaginable,” says Alex Lincoln, EXOS senior vice president of strategic business development. “This program is a powerful example of how the Department of Defense and EXOS can work together to benefit the military.”

Navy sailors needed a training platform that would support their physical and nutritional needs while adapting to their unique challenges.
The system, which was original presented on a series of laminated cards, is now an interactive digital tool that provides content to sailors worldwide.
Training methodology is adaptable for sailors’ varying space constraints so they can train anywhere.


  • Percent improvement in Functional Movement Screen scores 0
  • Number of sailors worldwide impacted since March 2012 0
  • Number of command fitness leaders and assistant command fitness leaders trained

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