the challenge

A tech company forged a partnership with EXOS to set the standard in the corporate fitness market and discovered employees commit to staying healthy when resources are available.

The Story

EXOS forged a partnership with a technology company with one goal: to improve how technology and data are used to drive human performance. But what began as a collaboration focused on technology evolved into a relationship set on helping employees live happier, healthier lives.

The company’s fitness centers began to showcase new technology while also educating employees on EXOS’ methodology and approach to wellness. On-site coaches reported high engagement, so EXOS proposed taking a closer look at how technology and education work together to improve health outcomes in a corporate setting.

Did You

The Functional Movement Screen is a seven-part screen that examines a person’s mobility and stability.

the solution

An independent study was conducted to show how technology and methodology could improve employees’ health at greater rates than the company’s current wellness programs alone.

Participants were asked to complete a Functional Movement Screen, engage with EXOS performance technology no less than three times per week, meet with a dietitian one to two times per month, and attend at least 35 of the 42 movement sessions offered throughout the 14-week study. At the end of 14 weeks, EXOS compared the results to those of the control group who continued using only the company's current offerings.

“The feedback and results were incredible,” says Nick Anthony, EXOS director of performance, recalling coaching the employees. “People would tell us they could feel how much the EXOS coaches cared.”

The program helped participants increase muscle mass by nearly 2 percent while decreasing fat mass by nearly 27 percent.
As a group, participants experienced a 22 percent improvement in triglyceride levels and a nearly 5 percent improvement in cholesterol levels.
The study's success opened the door for new opportunities to collaborate, leading to a successful long-term relationship focused on improving lives with technology, data, and education.


  • Percent of test group members who were still engaged with the program 24 months later. 0
  • Percent of test group members’ improvement on Functional Movement Screen after 14 weeks. 0
  • Cumulative percent of body fat lost amongst test group members after 14 weeks.

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