the challenge

The partnership forged between EXOS and SKLZ in 2010 was a perfect match. But how the companies leveraged the relationship resulted in innovation that has far exceeded expectations.

The Story

When EXOS partnered with SKLZ, it was a natural fit between the global leader in human performance and the recognized authority in skill development and performance training products.

EXOS used SKLZ products in its facilities to train athletes, while SKLZ leveraged EXOS expertise in the development of new training products and instructional content.

In 2013, EXOS and SKLZ opened an EXOS facility within the SKLZ complex in Carlsbad, California, that brought EXOS coaches and athletes even closer to SKLZ employees. That close collaboration has led to the launch of a number of products.

Did You

A key part of the partnership is EXOS providing content for SKLZ products, explaining the methodology behind the training tools and how to maximize their benefits.

the solution

When creating new products, SKLZ developers work closely with EXOS, even providing early prototypes for testing and feedback to elite athletes training nearby at the Carlsbad facility.

“Other equipment manufacturers would have to arrange for access to such groups,” says Craig Friedman, EXOS vice president of performance innovation. “At SKLZ, they just walk down to the training floor and talk to athletes. It’s such an authentic way to build and design equipment that nobody else can do.”

More than seven years into the partnership, the relationship continues to grow. “There’s such great alignment in what both brands are looking to do,” says Cody Carter, manager of the EXOS performance innovation team who works at EXOS in Carlsbad. “We have very similar visions to support human performance.”

Since SKLZ employees train at the EXOS facility, they see athletes using existing tools while better understanding needs in the marketplace identified by EXOS staff.
With the SKLZ Trigger Strap, EXOS coaches saw a need for a trigger-release device that used the leverage of the body to help relieve tight muscles, reduce chances of injury, and recover more quickly.
Inspired by EXOS’ methodology, the SKLZ Acceleration Trainer provides the dynamic resistance, overload, and release method used by world-class racers to improve speed and power in any athlete.


  • Number of products developed through the EXOS/SKLZ partnership 0
  • Number of athletes who will use a product in the early stages of development. In latter stages, more than 50 athletes will test it for durability 0
  • Number of NFL draft picks trained by EXOS at SKLZ, including 18 players selected in the first round

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