the challenge

Mercy Health was looking to expand its sports medicine business to increase its community outreach and engage more patients for longer periods of time.

The Story

Mercy Health partnered with EXOS to further engage patients being released from their physical therapy programs and to attract youth and families to use its services even when healthy. "This model of circle of care from acute care to rehab and then again to long-term wellness and investment into yourself is really the future of how health care models are going to operate," said David Huslig, director of Mercy Sports Performance.

EXOS worked with Mercy Health’s staff to create a 7,200-square-foot space, including an indoor exercise pool, a 50-yard sprint track, and strength areas.

Did You

Nutrition education seminars and community events helped Mercy reach 939 new community members.

the solution

“We partnered with EXOS to serve the community with training programs for youth, collegiate, and professional athletes.”

David Huslig

Through its partnership with EXOS, Mercy Health created a human performance program to give patients the tools to improve their quality of life using movement and nutrition. Instead of starting from scratch in a business in which they have less expertise than they have in medical services, Mercy Health chose the established EXOS methodology, training system, and operational expertise.

“One of the main goals of partnering with EXOS was to bring in a team that has been through this type of programming for many years and has found models that have been successful,” said Huslig.

Show and tell: An EXOS performance specialist demonstrates proper form to an adult fitness class.
Program participants learn about the four EXOS pillars: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery.
Young athletes work on a lateral bound drill during a team training session.


  • Percent increase in attendance between Q4 2015 and Q2 2016 0
  • Percentage of members who would recommend this program to a friend 0
  • Percentage of new referrals who are young athletes

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