the challenge

Many elite service members arrive at EXOS after years of duty with career-threatening injuries requiring neck or back surgery, along with daily medication to alleviate pain.

The Story

For nearly a decade, EXOS has supported U.S. special operations forces with tactical training programs. Working with special operations personnel, EXOS has helped hundreds of service members return from devastating injuries through the Accelerated Return to Duty program.

By working in an environment where they can focus on themselves, removing outside stresses while working alongside fellow “tactical athletes,” service members are often able to avoid surgery and return to duty quickly. If near retirement, they can enter civilian life without pain.

Did You

At EXOS, special operations forces occasionally train alongside familiar names from sports, forging a bond of mutual respect for elite performance.

the solution

“I came to EXOS with an injury I was told could not be fixed without surgery. Over eight weeks the EXOS team changed my life. Not only do I not need surgery, I’m no longer in pain. Injuries took a toll on me physically and emotionally but now I’m massively improved and ready to get back to duty.”

Accelerated Return to Duty program participant

Service members arrive at EXOS at different career stages with an assortment of injuries and movement capabilities. This requires individualized programs involving dietitians, physical therapists, and performance coaches. Unlike elite athletes from sports, who tend to be healthy and have similar movement requirements for their sports and positions, tactical athletes require a broader range of movement skills and likely have more injuries to overcome.

EXOS builds upon military rehabilitation efforts that may have fallen short, providing an integrated solution that returns service members to duty.

Training in groups can forge a mutual respect that drives better performance in tactical athletes.
EXOS physical therapists and coaches work side by side to help tactical athletes recover quickly.
Our specialists understand that tactical athletes have unique training needs specific to their profession.


  • Percentage of participants who report improved sleep 0
  • Percentage of participants who feel ready to return to work-related duties 0
  • Percentage of participants who say their quality of life has improved

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