the challenge

Sereno Soccer Club was looking for a consistent, effective way to improve performance for high school-aged elite teams.

The Story

An elite soccer club constantly seeking to improve its players’ performance, Sereno Soccer Club had brought in many top soccer specialists over the years. But they were looking for something more — a single provider who could deliver consistent sports performance training and nutrition services across various teams.

At the time, several players were training with EXOS individually through the high school and youth performance program. In 2014, EXOS was brought in to develop a program to benefit athletes year-round as they played for their high school and elite soccer teams.

Did You

A needs analysis conducted prior to the partnership revealed that 93 percent of players had never worked one-on-one with a sports dietitian.

the solution

"With EXOS, we have seen increased performance and fewer games missed due to injury."

Brent Erwin, Director, Sereno Soccer Club

EXOS designed a program that covered mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. The program included twice-weekly training that focused on Movement Preparation and strength, speed, agility, and conditioning training.

“Performance training is taboo among the soccer community. There’s a general belief that it’ll make players slower,” said Jon Barlow, the performance specialist who led the program. “But the more force a player generates in a movement, the faster they can accelerate.”

Once-a-month nutrition education covering hydration, game-day fueling strategies, and workout nutrition was also included as part of the overall program.

Many players worry training will make them slower, but the opposite is actually true.
The soccer club wanted a single provider that could deliver consistent sports performance training services across various teams.
High school athletes benefited from strength, speed, agility, and conditioning training.


  • Number of Sereno players who committed to collegiate soccer teams in the first year of the program 0
  • Percent increase in awareness of importance of post-workout nutrition to fuel recovery 0
  • Number of teams that worked with EXOS during the initial phase of the partnership

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