the challenge

A busy day at work can cause the best of us to skip the gym. But for staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a long day can make a big difference in a patient’s life.

The Story

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, employees treat every patient like their own mother. But this commitment can have a downside — it can make it tough for employees to take care of themselves. “The employees are extremely loyal and work long hours,” says John Golden, EXOS president of product.

“When they were faced with the choice of exercising or treating a sick patient, exercise would get sacrificed.” CTCA wanted to boost employees’ overall health. But the organization was spending a lot of money on a digital platform and not seeing positive results. They turned to EXOS for help.

Did You

CTCA’s Zion, Illinois, location didn’t have an on-site fitness center. Instead, CTCA rented out a gym at a school to make an impact companywide.

the solution

Working with the CTCA culture, EXOS designed a 12-week pilot program focused on movement, nutrition, and vitality — and one that didn’t require a daily commitment.

The pilot targeted employees who exercised three times a week or less, struggled with pain or movement, and/or couldn’t find the time to commit to a wellness program. EXOS scheduled training sessions three times a week and offered tools and education — like reminding people to stay hydrated — in the breakroom or at lunch-and-learn sessions.

Program participants weren’t the only ones who saw results. An independent actuary concluded that in addition to providing a positive return in year one, EXOS provided a 2.96 return, or $2.96 for every dollar spent, with the pilot program alone.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America transformed its wellness program with a simple facility and equipment — no bells and whistles required for major results.
Each training session started with basic recovery exercises to alleviate aches and pains. Over the 12 weeks, reports of neck, shoulder, or back pain dropped from 94 percent to 10 percent.
The benefits don’t stop at physical transformation. By engaging with the program, 31 percent of participants reported feeling less tired.


  • Percentage of participants who said they ate more fruits and vegetables 0
  • Percentage of participants who felt less stressed as a result of the program 0
  • Percentage of participants who said they missed less work due to health issues

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