the challenge

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona employees faced an increased risk of chronic disease due to poor health and wellness.

The Story

Like the American population at large, employees at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona were seeing increasing rates of obesity due in large part to the overconsumption of high-calorie, low-nutrient processed food, poor movement quality, and sedentary lifestyles.

These factors often lead to the development of chronic pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions, and are compounded by stress and anxiety. To proactively address the situation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona sought a solution that could improve overall fitness, nutrition, movement quality, stress, and anxiety.

Did You

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the annual medical cost for people who have obesity is $1,429 (or 42%) higher than those at a healthy weight.

the solution

“At EXOS, we’re not just reducing risk of disease, we’re increasing the capability to perform.”

Monica Laudermilk, Ph.D., senior director of research, EXOS

Forty employees were selected for EXOS’ 12-week wellness intervention. Employees were 30 to 64 years old, with a BMI score categorized as overweight. EXOS 3D Movement Quotient uncovered participants’ movement deficiencies and EXOS Energy Systems Development Technology measured endurance and provided personalized interval training on cardio machines.

Four days a week, participants joined small group training and were given a post-workout shake, lunch, and dinner tailored to caloric needs. Beyond in-person support, EXOS Journey provided access to online workout videos, a meal builder, and useful content.

EXOS 3D Movement Quotient uses 3D motion capture technology to pinpoint a user's top-three focus areas to improve movement quality.
Small group training provides the support of an experienced coach and the camaraderie of fellow participants.
Nutrition is a critical element of the EXOS wellness intervention. Participants received two personalized meals on workout days and had access to an online meal builder.


  • Percentage of participants who improved their BMI and lowered their risk category 0
  • Percentage decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression among participants 0
  • Percentage decrease in people considered at moderate risk of developing a chronic disease

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