Combining deep expertise with varied experiences and fresh perspectives from team members around the world, our team helps people achieve things they never thought possible.

Performance Specialists

Performance specialists draw on their knowledge and experience to create individualized plans for clients. Skilled in the art of coaching, they make people feel welcome, inspired, and empowered to achieve what matters most to them.

Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists collaborate with members of our performance team to create individualized and comprehensive rehabilitation plans. They help people bounce back from injury or surgery in the most efficient way possible.

Registered dietitians

Food is fuel for the body. Our dietitians are educated and experienced in providing people with the guidance, support, and motivation they need to fuel their bodies for optimal performance in all facets of life.

Certified Athletic Trainers

Certified athletic trainers are an integral part of our performance teams and our clients’ medical teams. They possess a unique understanding of both rehabilitation and performance, which helps them collaborate most effectively.

Sports Psychologists

Achieving optimal performance means working on more than the body. Our sports psychologists provide a supportive environment for people to explore and strengthen their mind-body connection.

Group Exercise Instructors

Group exercise instructors aim to create an engaging and social environment while providing the individualized support and guidance people need to achieve their health and fitness goals. More than motivators, our certified instructors are educated in their specialty.

Data Analysts

Our team of data analysts works with all areas of the business to measure and analyze how our products, programs, and services affect environments and people. This enables us to continually refine what we do based on data.


Our Team

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