Gain knowledge in your area of expertise, and stay up to date on the latest performance research, all while earning continuing education credits from leading organizations.

EXOS Education Webinars

NEW! Join EXOS Education each month for new webinar topics delivered live by coaches throughout the organization. Check out upcoming webinar topics.

EXOS Performance Specialist Course

Advance your career and learn more about the EXOS training system with this online course. You’ll experience 24 hours of field-tested course material on topics ranging from motivation science to coaching strategies and cueing.

EXOS Fitness Specialist Course

With a focus on general-fitness clients, this online fitness course is perfect for personal trainers, group trainers, wellness coaches, and physical therapists. The course material provides strategies to modify behaviors that may be holding your clients back.

EXOS Presents: Tactical Training Systems

Improve the resilience of your unit at home and downrange. This online course, geared toward military operators and support personnel, concentrates on injury-prevention strategies and design of strength and performance programs.



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