Consultations can focus on one part of your business, team, or organization, or they can include a complete performance systems analysis.

Our business, team, and organization consult is an all-encompassing look at your needs. One of our team members will visit your business, team, or organization for several days to get a firsthand look at your current offerings and your needs.

The visit will start with a staff introduction, meetings with managers and key decision-makers, a tour of facilities and equipment, and observation of training, meetings, practices, and other activities specific to your business, team, or organization. We’ll interview and observe all medical, nutrition, performance, and/or rehabilitation staff.

Based on the information we gather during this time, our team will put together a comprehensive briefing of solutions that we believe can help optimize performance and efficiency in your business, team, or organization. Solutions range from research and analytics to systems evolution and integration and from product design support to developing a new methodology or performance vision.


We’ve consulted with organizations on six continents.

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