Choose from three offerings to meet your personal needs. Each offering includes workouts led by an EXOS performance specialist and nutrition coaching from a registered dietitian. Physical therapy can also be added.

Group Training Classes
If you like high-energy workouts, you’ll love these dynamic, 60-minute classes. Our coaches incorporate mobility work, movement-based strength training, interval-based cardio, and more. Nutrition coaching is also included.

Semi-Private Training
Looking for programming that’s more personal than group classes but not quite as intimate as private sessions? Try personal training in a small group setting. It provides high accountability, and you’ll receive individualized programming and nutrition coaching. You’ll also have unlimited access to our group training classes.

Personalized Experience
Great for people who don’t live near an EXOS facility, this multiday, on-site experience includes one-on-one training sessions, a personalized nutrition plan, pre- and post-workout supplements, and a soft-tissue massage. As our most extensive offering, it’s only available at select locations.

See how our adult training programs are helping people achieve real, lasting results.


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